Saturday, January 14, 2012

BareAdventures-Alex Stevens and Thor

Sexy young Latino Thor teams up with superstar Alex Stevens to redecorate a bare wall; but Thor’s only got one thing on his mind, and paints it right there... a huge dick in bright blue paint!! Alex and his famous sexual appetite take’s the bait instantly, and his overalls can’t help more by slipping off, revealing his tones muscular young body and throbbing dick. Thor’s body is bigger built, and his abs and pecs are bursting from beneath his olive skin. Giving this buff twink a great blowjob on his knees, Alex turns this smooth man on so much that when Thor bends over, his hole is visibly hungry for a hot tongue, and then Alex’s throbbing dick, sliding inside him raw, with just a bit of spit for lube!! Squeezing his head into Thor’s hot ass takes some going, but once it’s in there, Alex shows no mercy and gives him a real hard bareback fuck. Flipping roles, Thor then gets his thick dick deep inside Alex, fucking the life out of ! him until the cum squirts from both twinks.


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