Sunday, February 5, 2012

BoyzParty-Adrian Brantes & Francoise Delano

The spotted the way 19 year old soccer jocks Adrian and Francoise has their eyes on each other balls during the entire match and happily accept the invitation for a private, post game show, show being the operative word! Usually the alpha male on the team, and in the bedroom, but this time, he wasted no time in getting Adrian in a lip lock, getting him naked and licking all the way down his smooth chest and then swallowing the big, fat uncut cock of his teammate. Adrian quickly awakened to the idea of being the aggressor and face fucked Francoise then abruptly flipped him on all fours and fucked that jock ass in one steady mount and before long, Francoise was pushing back for more - and more is just what he got! Adrian power fucked him, raising him up to his knees so Adrian could jack Francoise's dick while their tongues had a scrimmage match all their own until Francoise turned around and covered Adrian's abs with one load and Adrian whacked out one of his own.

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