Sunday, February 5, 2012

BoyzParty-Anibal Padilla & Gabriel Thomas

Anibal was looking over the balcony at sexy Gabriel, and so was the camera crew: Gabriel has the face of an angel and just watching him walk, Anibal was already hard in his tighty whiteys. Eye contact was all it took, Anibal buzzed Gabriel inside the building and Gabriel made a nose dove for the fat, 8" pipe that was already leaking on Anibal's stomach. Gabriel did his best to deep throat that huge cock, stopping only for even deeper kissing, before Anibal turned the tables and took a taste of Gabriel's equally delicious dong. That fired them both up for even more where Gabriel first had a seat on rode that big bone until Anibal flipped him onto all fours and pounded that ass like the dog in heat he turned into with each stroke, finally landing on their backs where Anibal literally fucked the cum out of Gabriel and then soon shot a massive load all over himself.  

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