Sunday, February 5, 2012

BoyzParty-Ariel Nesto & Joseph DeWitt

It was the last cram session turned ram session before winter break and was there to bring it all home as Ariel Nesto and Joseph DeWitt found something hotter, bigger and tighter to crack then just the books. Joseph first reach over and felt the bone in Ariel's jeans before Ariel return the favor, stealing a kiss and a nip lick as his head made it way to Joseph's throbbing, uncut sausage. Joseph again got in his licks, literally, before mounting Ariel for an anal assault that left them both begging for me. Flipping Ariel onto his back, Joseph resumed the passionate, deep fuck that had Ariel shooting his load all over his sweaty, heaving stomach - only to be augmented but a second cumming as Joseph's own jizz landed on top.

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