Sunday, February 5, 2012

BoyzParty-Sergio Cardes & Lucas Georjes followed along as 19 year olds Lucas Georges & Sergio Cardes went on a blind date, and soon thereafter, went down on each other in a passionate romp that them both with empty balls and no longer single! They could barely stop making out long enough to strip each other shirts off and explore each other's marble smooth chests and rock hard nipples, that is until they found something just as hard to lick, each other's uncut, throbbing dicks. Once Sergio has completed his taste test of Luca's dick, he pulled off Lucas' underwear filled him over and let his tongue get back to work, stopping for a brief toe suck then onto Lucas's tempting hole. That ass eating turned into a full scale anal assault as Sergio quickly replaced his tongue with his cock for a deep pounding that started out with them both on their knees, morphed into a solid ride and Lucas took control, before Sergio flipped him over again and soon gave Lucas a massive facial followed by Luca's covering Sergio's chest with a huge jettison of cum! We have a feeling there just might be a second date this time!

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