Saturday, January 14, 2012

BareAdventures-Zac Powers and David Gold

Twinks should really be more careful when they paint, tall, lithe Zac splashes blond colleague David Gold in the face as he works beneath him. Wiping his mate off, it’s clear where things are going to lead, and as soon as the huge bulge in Zac’s overalls starts to show, David is sucking his hung twink dick with a fury!! It’s so big David can’t even fit it all the way into his mouth, and instead jerks it and sucks it at the same time as Zac lays back and enjoys every moment. With a sore throat looming, David thinks it’s about time his ass takes some of the punishment, and squats over Zac, letting his huge shaft work its way into his greedy hole completely bare and lube-free. Going all the way to the smooth, suckable balls, David is brought up and pinned into the ladder as Zac powers his massive dick into David, forcing yelps and moans out of him; both smooth slim bodies tensing and twisting as the top fucker screws his mate hard, opening that! tight hole wide.

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