Monday, January 16, 2012


Joel Mayberry seems green around the edges, but the boy isn't dumb. A small town kid with big city dreams, Joel's story has been told a million times before- or has it? From the edge of the casting couch, this wiry ball of nerves settles in to convince me that he's ready to do whatever it takes to be in porn. I'm curious to know just how far he's willing to go. After telling me about his previous adventures with all of two other guys, he's ready to show me his worth by taking my cock into his mouth. As I pull out my ready rocket, his intial surprise is flattering. Joel takes my swelling rod into his hand, exclaiming, "that's a challenge!" But he wastes no time deep-throating my glistening pleasure stalk. With each gulp, Joel drives deeper, swallowing another expanding inch into the back of his throat. I let him up for a breath of air, and he confesses that taking my huge cock so deeply makes his eyes water. This hot little truth talker has me, and the compliments have definitely gone to my throbbing head. I put his ass in the air, splaying him out on all fours atop the sofa. I begin rubbing my veiny headed monster as I probe his yearning boyhole with my finger. Dipping into him deeply, digging for his pressure point, I start to slap his assmouth with the tip of my engourged head. I'm not going to enter him yet, he's too bright eyes for all that Big City just yet. I push him to the floor and hold his head back, draining my white hot man's milk into his waiting mouth. After guzzling down my jizz gems, Joel shows his prowess for spooging, as he lets loose onto his own stomach. Joel smooths the creamy cum droplets over his svelt, rigid chest. With a drunken smirk, he remarks that he's a little exhausted, and that swallowing my cock was "quite a workout!" I'm ready to toss this dirty boy into the shower. Joel lathers up, adding that he's ready for more, saying, "Just throw me at it. I don't complain and I don't ask questions." It's a no brainer, this kid is hired.

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